Chassis: Improvements and Innovations

Shaman is an exclusive vehicle with an original closed frame protecting transmission components. Unmatched off-roading capabilities are a consequence of implementing independent suspension for each of the wheels. The vehicle equipped with low pressure tires easily travels through marshes, tundra, rivers, shallow lakes, etc.

In order to get over water obstacles, Shaman can be equipped with a screw-propeller enhancing its naval speed up to 4.3 mph. The vehicle has a hermetic boat-formed frame armed with high-performance water pumps (pumping up to 200 liters per minute) that remove water from the frame. Special flaps provide emergent water drop if convenient. Amphibious vehicles are ideal for extreme weather conditions.

The size of the vehicle allows it to use general roads without creating inconveniences for other drivers. Shaman demonstrates exceptional maneuverability while maintain perfectly responsive handling. Undoubtedly, you will attract attention from anyone who will meet you on the road! Shaman demands people to awe at it! Due to eight-wheel drive system, Shaman shows exemplary stability on the road!

What’s inside?

Russian off-road monster Shaman provides unequaled level of comfort to both passengers and the driver. There is enough space to make everyone inside comfortable. The cockpit looks like an essence of usability. It’s ergonomic design has all the necessary details and the means to handle this amazing vehicle.

Cross-country vehicle Shaman has two major modifications:

  • "Tourist". You can easily take up to 8 fellow travelers with you! There is an individual adjustable seat with armrests for each of them and each seat is equipped with three-point seat belts.
  • "Hunter". This version has benches instead of individual seats. Benches can be transformed into beds for 4 people in a matter of seconds.

Regardless of chosen variation you will receive a spacious vehicle with lots of room for storing equipment.

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Driver’s Heaven

Off-road vehicle Shaman has an intuitive and responsive controls and even amateur drives with a principal knowledge of driving can handle this vehicle. The driver seats in the middle of the cockpit. The field of view provided by wide shield glasses if more than enough for safe driving. The ergonomic distribution of control panel elements is another factor that makes driving comfortable. Transmission and utility controls are intuitive and convenient. The driver’s seat is fully adjustable in three dimensions which is even more comfortable especially during long trips.


Amphibious cross-country vehicle Shaman is perfect for fishing and hunting trips. The vehicle has three handling options and each variation has its own advantages. You can steer only front wheels which is convenient when travelling at high speeds. Steering only back wheels is a perfect option for handling soft turns. Side wheel steering is useful for turning without moving and avoiding hard obstacles. You can choose the best way of handling this vehicle depending on the environment and specific road challenges.

Off-roading is a fierce challenge!

Shaman is a perfect solution for those who like hunting, fishing, and hiking! Regardless of the environment Shaman will be your reliable guide in the world of adventure. Simultaneously, it will provide an unmatched level of comfort both when moving and camping.

You will love each single detail about Shaman. This amazing vehicle will take you to places that you have never dreamed to visit! Gather your friends and family and start your new adventure! Other amphibious cross-country vehicles with low pressure tires are no match for Shaman with its exceptional off-road capabilities and the level of comfort! There are lots of beautiful places that can be found off road and Shaman can take you there!

To top it all off, you can construct your own cross-road monster by adding or removing various options and functionality. This is something that no one else can provide! Do you like to have a safe gun case? There is quite a few of them in stock! Do you need a vehicle with a winch powered by an additional electro motor? It’s not a problem!


Technical characteristics

Drive Type
Maximum speed
44 mph
Minimal speed
1.2 mph
Maximal water speed
4.3 mph
Curb weight
4800 kg
Maximum payload on hard terrain
1500 kg
Maximum payload on soft terrain
1000 kg
Wheel base
Rollover angle
Maximum ramp slope
Maximum ground curvature radius
Iveco F1C, 3.0 TD
350 Nm

Fuel type
Fuel tank capacity
260 L
Fuel consumption
25 L per 100 km
Transmission 5 6-speed, manual
6-speed, manual
Transfer gear box
2-speed 5-shaft with locking differential and power take-off shaft
Hydrostatic with hydro cylinders
Wheel drives
Wheel gearbox
Low pressure tires
Basic X-Trim (1200-600x21)
4 (Hunter modification)

Build your own Shaman