How to order all-terrain vehicles SHAMAN

  1. Choosing the all-terrain vehicle equipment

    There are three ways to choose the right equipment for any kind of the all-terrain vehicles:

  2. Drawing up a contract and prepayment.

    When the additional options are selected and the cost of the equipment of the snow and swamp vehicle is determined, the legal department draws up a contract that sets out the technical specifications, additional options, delivery time, payment procedure, warranty obligations. When the contract is signed by both parties and prepayment is made, then the all-terrain vehicle in the selected configuration is assigned to the customer.

  3. Handing an all-terrain vehicle and the documents to the customer.

    After notification of readiness, the customer accepts the all-terrain vehicle and pays the remaining amount. Further, the snow and swamp vehicle on its own wheels or by a transport company is shipped to the customer to its new place of operation.

    A package of documents is handed to the customer: PSM (Passport of a self-propelled vehicle), a certified copy of the certificate, an instruction manual, closing accounting documents, an additional copy of the contract and certificate for registration of equipment in Gostekhnadzor.

“AVTOROS” works both with the companies and with individuals.

Companies can purchase all-terrain vehicles AVTOROS on lease. The lease term is from 12 to 48 months, the advance payment is: 49%.

You can find the detailed information on the conditions of the acquisition on the Leasing page or in the sales department by the phone numbers above.